Where is your refuge? Where is your place you go to escape the world; a place that you can call your own? For four years, the room at the end of the hallway has been my own I always feel so relaxed when I enter my room. Running my hand over the wall, the textured plaster tickles my finger tips. The paint adds a glossy topping to the wall as icing does to a cake. Scattered around the four walls of my room, pictures and quotes decorate the interior. Snowflakes falling and tickling the nose and eyelashes of a little girl as she giggles and smiles with glee is one of the pictures that expresses my emotions toward winter. Other expressions of my winter passions covering my walls are photos of skiers creating first tracks over sparkling snow fields. My favorite quote hangs next to my mirror reminding me, “You can’t trip over mountains. Only the small pebble causes you to stumble. Cross all the pebbles in you path and you will find you have crossed the mountain.” I think that the impact of those few words is vast as it helps me to remember that life isn’t just about the huge problems that may strike us down, but all the little issues that we encounter every day that make us stronger people.

The vivid and vivacious colors of pink and purple are the base décor of my room. When you are trying to find a theme for a bedroom, there is an endless supply of choices, but when I was given a choice on how to decorate, I chose to sponge paint my walls pink and purple. On a cold winter night when pulling the covers over my head, I am covered by a splash of purple bedspread. The clean scent of the laundry detergent still clings to every pore of the fabric. A soothing aroma as I drift into a world of unconscious dreams. It could be the fresh fragrance or simply the cool texture of the sheets over me but I always feel that my bed is my sanctuary of rest. My room is where I always go after a long day of work at school or even in the summers a long day of play, sometimes when I have a million thoughts flying through my head, it is a wonderful feeling to retreat to my refuge.