Work that we have done in class . . .

One of the things that we worked one was this romantic metaphor. It ties in well with optimism because it gives light to the thought that all people can have a deeper meaning behind them like all pictures do as well. In this I compared this picture to grandparents:

Romantic Metaphor

From Nature to Emotion: I choose the slide that displays snow covered trees. For me this displays a sense of security yet also a sense of excitement. I think that there are not many things more peaceful than snow covered trees on a cloudy winter day. Also, as a skier, seeing snow covered trees instills a sense of excitement for the upcoming winter season.

From Emotion to Metaphor: I see the trees as old grandmothers and grandfathers. Trees are often portrayed as old and wise in many folk stories. In this scene while they are covered in snow, it just looks like the grandparents are resting and are calmly watching over the mountain side. Peacefully. An old skier once said “If everyone skied, there would be no wars”. Although this may be seen as just another quote, I think that this picture captures the essence of what he meant very well. It shows the peace that is found in the mountains.

Another thing was our fishbowl discussions. In many of them people got very opinionated in their responses. It is interesting to see which students had pessimistic views and which had optimistic ones.